About Us

We are a locally owned business. Our owner, Mike Washington, has lived in the Washington D.C. area since he was a young teenager. He started Mike’s Power Washing and Roof Cleaning as a summer job in high school and 20 years later he has grown it into what it is today. He’s definitely learned a lot since first starting out, but that’s only made him better at what he and his company do.

He grew up hanging out by the pool most summers, until his parents started talking about him finding a summer job. He regularly hung out in his friends backyard by the pool. He noticed one day that the deck and pool area looked nicer than it had the week before. He couldn’t figure it out, everything just looked cleaner. He eventually found out his friend’s mom had hired a power washing company.

When he first started, he didn’t think there was much to power washing. You spray things down with high pressure water, or so he thought. He would rent a power washer machine to do his first jobs. He slowly saved up enough money to purchase his own. Early on he realized, while hot water gets most things clean, there were just some things you needed the right chemical for. ┬áHe began doing his own research. After trial and error on his parents driveway, he found what worked the best for getting oil stains and grease out. He also realized that not all surfaces are created equally. Some surfaces responded well to the high pressure, while other surfaces needed less pressure to be cleaned and not break.