5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Power Washing Company in Washington DC

5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Power Washing Company in Washington DC

Not all who claim to be professionals are in fact, experienced professionals. We have all seen this. Most of us have learned this from trial and error. So here is a list of five things to remember when looking for a power washing or pressure washing company in Washington D.C.

1. Not all Power Washing Companies Have the Right Insurance

Mistakes happen. When you hire a power washing company, you are asking someone to come spray pressurized water at your possessions and property. While most power washing companies will claim that their employees are trained professionals, anyone can trip. Imagine your power washer cleaning the side of your home. He is careful to avoid your windows as he cleans. He is almost done when he finds the kids’ missing baseball with his foot and slips. When a window breaks, who will be responsible to replace the window? Make sure the company you use has not just general liability insurance so they can repair the window, but also worker’s compensation insurance for any injuries the power washing employee may have sustained while working on your home.

2. The Highest Pressure Is Not Always the Right Pressure

Ask your potential pressure washing company if they change the pressure level as they clean. If they really are professionals, they will tell you that they use the lowest pressure possible and slowly increase until they find the right pressure to clean the surface. Power washing your driveway does not require the same amount of pressure as power washing the side of your home, or your old fence. Using too much pressure can cause damage to any surface.

3. Does Their Work Come With a Written Guarantee?

You schedule your power washer to come while you are at work on a Friday. You get home after dark and can’t really inspect their job well done. You walk through your property Saturday morning and see they missed a few spots on your back patio. Make sure to have it down in writing that you have a certain period of time to call them and let them know you’re not satisfied with their work and they will return for no charge.

4. Not All Chemicals are Safe For Plants

Once you have decided where you need power washed, ask your power washer if your plants will be safe. Spray and water run off are unavoidable and if chemicals are being used that will kill your plants, you should know in advance. So that one, you can be prepared to buy new plants. Or two, you can hire someone else.

5. Ask for Before and After Pictures

There is nothing wrong with asking for these. After all, you want to make sure that what you need cleaned, has been cleaned before. Have a dirty fence, or a grimy patio? Make sure you know what to expect from the power washing or pressure washing that you are about to pay for. It will save you any potential disappointment if you know that what you’re expecting might not be possible.

Before you hire a power washing company in Washington DC, contact Mike’s Power Washing Company to talk to an honest exterior maintenance professional for a free estimate.

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