7 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Roof

Roofs are exposed to the sun and weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over time, this exposure can lead to dirt buildup on your roof that will make it more susceptible to damage. If you’re not regularly cleaning your roof, then you should start! In this blog post we’ll be exploring 7 reasons why you should clean your roof.

#1: Boost Curb Appeal

A clean rooftop makes your entire home look better and boosts curb appeal. If you have a dirty roof, then it looks unkempt and unacceptable to your neighbors and visitors, which is likely not the impression you want to give. Clean rooftops create well-presented homes that make the best impressions on neighbors and passersby alike.

#2: Save Money on Utilities

A clean roof will help you save money on utilities. Dirt and debris can build up over time, which will cause your rooftop to lose its insulation properties that protect it from heat-loss during the winter months and help keep your home cool during the warmer months.

#3: Get Rid of Mildew Smells

A dirty rooftop will cause the presence of mildew, which can lead to a strong odor that permeates through your home and into nearby buildings. A simple washing with bleach or vinegar water solution will get rid of these smells for good!

#4: Save Money on Replacements & Repairs

A clean roof has a greater resistance against water damage than one with dirt or algae buildup because cleaning regularly will keep gutters clear (clogged gutters are a leading cause of roof damage). Prevent leaks and water damage, which can lead to expensive repairs or the need for a full replacement.

By cleaning your rooftop on a regular basis you will be preventing costly damages and other potential problems in the future. Instead of worrying about something bad happening, make sure it doesn’t happen by taking care of things now!

#5: Keeps Pests and Critters Away

A dirty roof is an appealing environment for pests and critters like rats, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals. By keeping your rooftop clean you are lowering the chances that these pests will invade your property and you can easily keep away any critters looking for easy access to food or shelter from the elements.

#6: Protect Your Health

Having a clean rooftop actually protects your health! Cleaning it can prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew which could cause respiratory issues in severe cases. Other contaminants like spring pollen can also affect your health and well-being. Soft washing is the perfect solution for this.

# 7: Raise Property Value

The final reason to soft wash your roofing that we’re going to discuss is to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Rooftop cleaning is one of the most overlooked parts of maintaining a home, but it can have a big impact on curb appeal and sellability! So if you’re trying to sell your home, then soft washing should be among the first steps you take to put your best foot forward.

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