7 Cool Hidden Gems in Washington DC: Why You Should Check Them Out

If you’re a tourist in Washington D.C., or even if you live there and have not discovered these gems, it’s time to get out of your bubble and learn about the amazing things that are happening all around you! There are many hidden gems in Washington D.C. that people might not know about. In this blog post, we will talk about 7 cool hidden gems in Washington D.C. that people should check out for themselves!

Gem #1: Constitution Gardens

Constitution Gardens is composed of 50 acres park land that is dedicated to honoring past presidents, war veterans, and the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. The park is beautifully landscaped with fountains, sculptures and an array of flowers.

Gem #2: MLK Jr. Time Capsule

Did you know about the Martin Luther King Jr. time capsule? The capsule is buried beneath Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue and is planned to be opened in 2088. Inside the capsule are several personal belongings of MLK including his Bible and robe.

Gem #3: Georgetown Waterfront Park

Are you a fellow sunset lover? Georgetown Waterfront Park offers beautiful views of the Potomac River and sunset in the evening. Relax on a bench for a bit and take in the sights. You can watch as boats float by, enjoy the warm summer breeze, and take a stroll past the nearby flowering gardens.

Gem #4: The Library of Congress

We know, the Library of Congress isn’t “hidden,” but not a lot of people are aware of its unique features. The Library is the oldest federal cultural institution in the nation and has an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, pictures and films you can explore. Here you will find over 155 million items in 460 languages. But don’t let the enormity intimidate you, they have a helpful staff and all sorts of classes to help people use the library effectively. If that wasn’t enough, it is free! It also offers many different events for visitors such as free concerts by local artists or lectures on topics from literature to science.

Gem #5: Dupont Underground

This arts and cultural center is located beneath the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC. It takes up a space that used to be for storing trolley cars 100 years ago before turning into a safe space for local artists of all kinds to express their creative abilities. The place has transformed from an abandoned metro station to one of the hippest spaces in town with live concerts, art exhibits, and other interesting and fun events and programs!

Gem #6: Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is considered a special landmark in DC because of its historical value, and not to mention, it makes for the perfect photo op. This architectural wonder was built in 1911 to make it more convenient and easier for people to get down the steep terrain between S St and Decatur Place. Today, they are a striking piece that reminds us all of DC’s history.

Gem #7: Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens

The last gem on our list is Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens. This museum has a beautiful garden that’s filled with various plants and flowers. It also houses an impressive collection of art, including paintings by Renoir, Monet, Rembrandt and other esteemed artists.

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